The Debunking of Ben Gibbard, Brixton Cutters and one bad-as-hell Blackhawk Knife

Sorry Mr. Gibbard, but I am going to have to go ahead and disagree with you when it comes to the glove box in my car. You mused that there was nothing behind that door to keep your fingers warm. Well, sir, the glove box is precisely where I keep my gloves. And as the mornings get chillier and chillier, I am quite glad they are there, as gripping the steering wheel without them is sheer hell. Now I should clarify that the gloves I currently have keep my fingers warm. They do not, however, keep my thumbs warm (thumbs aren’t fingers) as the seams blew out about a year or so ago, but since I don’t have use for them in the Summer months, I thought nothing of replacing them. I’ve talked in some detail about a new pair, be them from Filson, another set from Banana Republic, going cheap with H&M, or throwing a few bucks Brixton’s way for their Cutter series.

Well what do we have here? Could Brixton’s offering prove Ben Gibbard right, after all? They don’t have tips on them so technically they wouldn’t keep your whole finger warm. How much of the finger are we talking here, Ben? Let’s get a dialogue going. They would help in the gripping of a cold steering wheel issue, but they wouldn’t be of much use if I were to, say, park at a trail head, whip out a Blackhawk Mark II and set out to slaughter a Bambi’s mom to make into jerky, then, okay, you got me there. Otherwise, my glove box has become the forklift lifting a crate of forks: Literal.



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