Transition in Design: Posters of the WPA and the new Ork San Francisco 3 Color

In my recent attempt to throw some new art on the walls of my workspace and living quarters,  searches around this crazy thing we call the Internet (they have it computers, now) have yielded amazing results. Take the good with the bad, now I have to sort of decide which route to take, as I am prone to changing my mind quite often. Not just three weeks ago, I was all into transforming my living room into some nautical-themed space, complete with oars, vintage yacht club signs, old clocks, and other miscellaneous items. Now, focus has shifted, yet again, to the Posters of the WPA I first stumbled upon while perusing the pages of Hickoree’s. Speaking of, if you’re lucky enough to check out ACL’s pop-up Flea this weekend in NYC, you will be treated with presence from Hickoree’s and other fine companies.

Back to the subject at hand. Going the “places” route does fit nicely into my enjoyment of roadtrips and seeing the country through a windshield. And although it’s been years upon years since I’ve graced the hills of San Francisco, something has to be said for plastering the new Ork 3 color of the fair city on my wall. Come to think of it, though, I probably will hold off on any huge redesign or hanging any new art until a few other items have been crossed off the to-do list: New TV, closet reorganization, computer upgrade, new swords, film a reality show in which C-list starlets learn to ride Orcas for the enjoyment of B-list judges soundtracked by Lil Wayne, and getting new silverware. Man, this list is piling up…



5 responses to “Transition in Design: Posters of the WPA and the new Ork San Francisco 3 Color

  1. Nicely done type work the Ork 3-color poster. How’s that reality show coming…?

  2. Not exactly a C-list starlet. I’d rather judge, anyways.

  3. I’ve been a fan o the Ork posters for some time now, I only wish they’d get up on a Denver version. I have to saw though the two color versions or more visually pleasing than 3 color which is too busy for the eye.

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