Winter warmth: From the living room to the streets. Acorn for shut ins, Ibex for the cyclists.

Come the Winter months, I tend to get less and less adventurous when it comes to going out and about. Now, with the addition of the new Super Mario Brothers to my nightly (and early morning) routine, the likelihood of trekking out to events after work is becoming even more less likely, as if that was humanly possible. Say what you will, but after work and the hellish commute home, nothing sounds better than a glass of wine, turning up the heat, a little TV and video games, possibly some regrettable Facebooking, and sliding into comfortable clothes and a good pair of slippers. I’ve been eying this one pair from Acorn for awhile, anxiously awaiting the cold months when wearing them is appropriate. The Desert Boots would be good for those nights when I come to find I’ve run out of beef jerky and need to brave the elements for a few minutes as I hike to 7-11 across the street to get more without having to change in and out of different pairs of shoes. Because, how annoying is that? Very. Very.

Of course, I have to once again tip my hat to my bicyclist buddies and their ability to ride no matter the weather. You are braver men than I, and I can openly admit to that. Kudos. Perhaps wearing the right gear like an Ibex merino cap would prove beneficial should I decide to ride this Winter. But honestly, even the thought of leaving the cozy space I call home when it’s dark by 5pm is not making me want to jump at the opportunity. So let’s make a deal: If you are willing to ride your bike over to my place if and when you want to hang out, you are more than welcome and can have as many beers as you want. But hands of my Stranahan’s… That’s mine.



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