Nostalgia & NYC: Diemme New Tirol Boots, a Pretty Green Overcoat, and the city streets during the holidays.

An NYC-buddy of mine asked me if I could find him a set of Red Wing Irish Setters for cheaper than they were listed on this one site he found. I said, “Probably. I will keep my eyes peeled.” Before I was able to pin down a pair of the classic boots, he notified he went forth with the purchase of a different pair for which to pound the pavement in and around Union Square. Of course that didn’t stop my search, it just changed the motivation behind it. Now I am looking for my brothers and myself and happened across the Diemme New Tirols. While the New York friend wanted a good pair for trekking the streets, I am in the market for a pair to trudge through the snow as I scrape my car windows before driving to work.

It is interesting though how one’s wardrobe shifts given their current locale. Interesting may not be the correct word as it is pretty obvious why that is (boardshorts would look mighty goofy in the Appalachian Range…goofier than they already do). But there are the other things that I find I have no use for. For instance, when I lived in New York, I wore overcoats in the Winter. I still have them, but they haven’t left the garment bags I packed them in when I left the city. Now I am still a huge fan of Pretty Green’s Herringbone offering, I just have no practical use for it right now. Should I ever grace the streets of a commuting city again, perhaps. For now, pea coats are fine.


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