Sucker for the Holidays. Sucker for Email subscriptions to Bonobos and Rugby.

I’ve said earlier how hard it is to shop for my friends and family as we pretty much just buy whatever it is we want making is increasingly difficult to surprise anyone. That said, any assistance during the holidays in pinning down the perfect gift for each individual is much appreciated. That’s why when the phone chimed today notifying me of new items in the inbox for my respective email accounts from Bonobos and Rugby, I was more than pleased. Two of my favorite companies (right now) coming through in the clutch to assist with my holiday shopping? Score. Do I know anyone that would wear goods from these outfitters? Sort of. Is it the thought that counts even when that thought comes via someone else? Sure, why not?

I know more than a few kids that would like a nice bow tie from the Polo offshoot, and who couldn’t do with a nice pair of cords, am I right? Right as rain. And even though I did just drop $600 on a new TV, I think I can find room in my heart and on my credit card to properly outfit at least a few of those close to me. Luke, in his direct sort of way, already told me exactly what he wants, and it happens to not be from either of these shops. Still, that directness really makes things a great deal easier as it’s one less thing in life to fret over. My little brother, too, already told me. Now, would Mom appreciate a University Rugby or should I stick with the subscription to 5280 and a wine & cheese of the month club I had originally intended? Decisions, decisions.


2 responses to “Sucker for the Holidays. Sucker for Email subscriptions to Bonobos and Rugby.

  1. I take it your mom doesn’t read the blog because you may have just ruined the holiday surpise for her…

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