A final update: The Animal Command Jacket

I know Winter has hit already, and the lot of us have already picked our colder weather garb, but I thought it necessary to tell everyone interested that the folks from Animal finally got back to me regarding the Command Jacket I reported on earlier this year. After a few updates and some semi-discouraging words from the company itself, the group buy discount seemed to have gone the way of the buffalo. That was until last week when their marketing department shot me an email notifying me that, if we were still interested, Animal could see to it to outfit the Momentum readers with the Command Jacket for a cool $100. Seeing as how the original price is $160, I’d say this is quite the deal. Here’s how we’re going to work this: Throw a comment down on this post so I can get some numbers together for Animal. The company is being quite generous with this offer, and we should be stimulating the economy. Let me know.


14 responses to “A final update: The Animal Command Jacket

  1. Sounds great! I want one.

  2. Same. Can’t wait!

  3. i am down for one. only issue is i dont know my size with their brand. im a medium with north face but a large with other jackets. i would most likely buy 2 and return 1 (the one that doesnt fit)

  4. Totally in. I have sizing questions as well though. Cheers for getting this together. Love the look of that jacket. Plus I can finally live up to the cool look of this weirdo..who runs this blog..kind of obsessed with bowties…dunno if you’ve ever heard of him..

  5. Small… I guess, I dunno. I want one though!

  6. Hi buddy,
    I want one. Large prolly.

  7. I am very happy to see so much interest in our Command Jacket. I will try and answer as many questions for you as possible.

    As far as fitment goes, it is true to size. Just the small-Large are slightly more fitted so its a littler tighter by the shoulder blades.

    As for payment, please send all your info to will.


    I will then contact you via, phone or e mail to get your credit card or paypal info for payment.

    If any of you are interested in any other products from our website please let me know when you e mail me your info.

    Thanks for the support!

  8. Hey this is Nick from TIFR. I’m in for one if they’re still available. Thanks!

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  10. I just got mine, the deal is amazing.

    Animal Bikes is really a cool company…. (they got it to me quick and threw in a t-shirt). Today I found the stash pocket in the sleeve for the first time, and that was a nice surprise.

    Super Satisfied,

  11. i want one

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