Bowmentum on Hold. Commence the Bromentum: Drinking games, Red Wing Boots, and Restoration Hardware.

It has been decided that my older brother and I will be hanging out at my place tomorrow night with plans of destroying a few brain cells via The Fast and Furious Drinking Game I got all enthused about some time ago. I foresee, though, in between swigs of NOS Energy/Vodkas, discussion of holiday gift ideas, wants and must-haves will come up. Since Red Wing is among many of the companies of which we are both fond, I’m sure we’ll find ourselves on their site checking the stock. And he will remind me, again, that his girlfriend found a pair of Rugged Classics for $15 at Ross which, at JCrew, retail for $225. Not that I mind hearing the story though. If I had found them, or had a girlfriend cool enough to keep an eye out for Red Wings for me during a random shopping trip, I would brag too.

Come the end of the Paul Walker blockbuster (unless we’re on Tokyo Drift, which we won’t be), conversations about actually being able to afford Restoration Hardware goods could come up, as all he really wants for Christmas is a gift card to said home outfitter. I joked with him earlier today that if I got the gift card, the amount attached to it could maybe, possibly buy him a few lightbulbs. I’m not a cheapskate, and I am sure their Mayfair Independence Steamer trunk is worth every red cent it is listed at (seeing as how it’s bad as hell), but until I win the lottery or rob someone that does, it’s a little rich for my blood. Isn’t that the best part about the buzz? Forgetting what a budget is?

One last thing: Ideas for drinking games for Fast & Furious. The latest installment. What are your ideas?


2 responses to “Bowmentum on Hold. Commence the Bromentum: Drinking games, Red Wing Boots, and Restoration Hardware.

  1. Restoration hardware is too rich?

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