The new window shopping: Scoping the Ernest Alexander Balmoral Messenger and watching Vampire Party

As I am prone to do, I wake up early on the weekends with the sole purpose of mowing through my Netflix offerings that are currently at home. This past week’s batch was a particularly good one, but what was better was the addition of an extra flick sent from the company. I have no idea why, and when I headed to the site to see why, I was faced with a clickable “Why Do I Have One Extra Movie” button. Upon clicking on it, the answer was revealed: “We have sent you an extra movie from your queue.” Well, great. Why? Not that I mind, but, what? While I am still in the dark as to why I got an extra flick, I was pleased as punch that said surprise became one of my new favorite movies.

It’s easier, though, to do my own window shopping (online, on the couch, TV on in the background, StumbleUpon toolbar) during a movie I’ve already seen and one that does not require the reading of subtitles, two factors under which Vampire Party does not fall. I think I happened across the goods of Ernest Alexander during Beerfest, which I watched, I think, after I got in Friday night. Regardless, upon starting Vampire Party, or Les Dents de la Nuit, for my French-speaking amigos, I made a concerted and successful effort to unplug, put the computer away, and give the cinematic masterpiece my full attention. If you’re looking for a good date movie, I recommend this highly. If she gets it, you’ve got a keeper right there. If she’s more into watching Borat with you, I’d keep looking. Just saying.


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