Assume the unassuming: F.M. Allen in Franklin, TN added to the “must see” list.

As I have wanted to visit Nashville for some time now, going on a good four or five years, I have yet to actually finalize plans to do so. The lure of Chicago and New York have alwasy had the southern city playing second fiddle. Well, no more, I have decided. Finally establishing a connection there, too, has played a big part in making January my target month for getting there. Am I excited about possibly running into or merely seeing Jack White around town? Definitely. Country Music Hall of Fame? You better believe it. This morning, though. the icing on the cake came via instant message from my Nashville friend, notifying me of the “Malibu of Tennessee” and, among the lot of amazing bars and restaurants, F.M. Allen being there.

I’ve been a fan of the brand for quite sometime, hoping to strike it rich, preferably in oil, and being about to outfit myself in their goods. Though hitting pay dirt via the bubblin’ crude would be nice, perhaps gettin ginto the ivory trade would be more fitting, as Allen deals largely in Safari-themed items, whether it be zebra bow ties, hunting jackets, and/or deluxe travel bar sets. Having added this store to my list of “must sees,” I hope to have money leftover to patronize after hitting the distilleries, going on a ghost tour, and finding vintage music shops around town. Though my leftover money will probably only score me maybe half of one cufflink, it will be something to set foot in the shop. Now, how does one get into the ivory trade?


One response to “Assume the unassuming: F.M. Allen in Franklin, TN added to the “must see” list.

  1. We’ve really only come into our own as a city worthy of MoF in the last few years, so your timing is pretty serendipitous. Watch out Mali-klin (Frank-bu?), here we come…

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