In the market: The Seventh Heart Cadet Jacket and Talent Tote

A week or so ago, I went to a fashion show/open bar pandemonium event at the Sugarcube in Denver. It was a good time, if you happened to be there before the festivities got into full swing, and when the bar was actually reachable and wasn’t inundated with scene kids letting their buddies cut in line. Thanks, d-bags. That’s real cool. Any way, I spent most of the night half-cocked and propped against a wall talking to some girl I hit it off with, although I cannot now recall her name. Since the Sugarcube isn’t fully constructed and only the top floors have been completed and are livable, the area we were in resembled that of a warehouse, with, what I came to find, some pretty flaky, dusty, stainy walls. It wasn’t until the next morning when I found my jacket on the ground did I notice that most of it was white from whatever I was leaning against. And it won’t come off. This puts me in the market for a new cadet-style jacket. And isn’t it so apropos that I came across the Seventh Heart’s version the very next day? Yes, it is.

Furthermore, I have been making an effort to consolidate my reusable shopping bags. I think over this past year and a half, I have acquired nearly 20 of them from various companies, whether they be giveaways at farmers’ markets, park events, print shops, grocery stores, promo deals, etc. Adhering to the less is more philosophy, and perhaps to the Mitch Hedberg joke, spending an extra few bucks on a nicer bag would maybe make me care about it a little more. Sure, one that says “STEAL” in big black letters might not be the optimal choice, but I do like being the center of attention. Granted this attention might be that of the crack grocery store detective and security team… Hey. C’est la vie, right?


One response to “In the market: The Seventh Heart Cadet Jacket and Talent Tote

  1. haha. what a great tote.
    certainly will keep security guards eyeing you

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