Boys keep journals not diaries and adhere to guidelines: 33 Bottles of Beer & the Official Preppy Handbook

Over the past year or so, it seems like you can’t wield a dead cat without hitting a group of people on some sort of themed pub crawl throughout the various neighborhoods of Denver. Not that I have a problem with that whatsoever, and I do indeed think that the right one is a helluva good time, I am just going to flip a lid if I see one more Snuggie-themed crawl. I get it. The Snuggie is a ludicrous invention and is our generation’s fruit cake when it comes to gift-giving. Joke’s over, everyone. Now a Sham-wow one, I could get into. To come down from my high horse for a second, I can get down with the idea of a pub crawl and am in fact planning my own to take place sometime early 2010. Would the 33 Bottles of Beer book be a good handout for said occasion? Hell yeah. Personally, I am not too adventurous when it comes to ale-imbibing and stick with what I already like, but a few of my guests may want to remember what they drank, what they liked and didn’t throughout the night. Say you wake up next to someone you don’t necessarily want to. Well, you may be able to pinpoint exactly when during the night beer goggles took effect.

Even though the 33 Bottles book isn’t my cup of tea, meaning I would use it to rank places’ temperatures of Bud Lights and how stiff their Vodka Sodas are, the crawl I am organizing  is that of a Yacht club/On the Boat Deck theme. If I wanted to go all out and bone up on exactly what it means to be a prep and really sell the part, adhering to the Preppy Handbook would be in my best interest. Sure, it was released in 1980, a year before I was born, but I can’t imagine much has changed in the past 28 or so years. If it has, I will pen a new version, or maybe just write a supplement for today’s unabashed-not-trying-too-hard young men and women.


4 responses to “Boys keep journals not diaries and adhere to guidelines: 33 Bottles of Beer & the Official Preppy Handbook

  1. Oh the handbook. My favorite chapter might be on the ‘preppiest dogs’ and ‘preppiest cars’…although the three general types of preps is also hilarious, replete with pictures and full descriptions.

  2. I just ordered the 33 Beers for @jrazza’s birthday on Saturday (I’m banking on him not reading this), but I’ll let you know how it is when it arrives. I’ll probably accompany his gift with a few six packs to get him started. Nice find.

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