Wards “Powr House” Boots may deter a person from ragging on your Barnyard Visitors Sweatshirt

Time off is among the best things about having a full time gig, that and office parties when things get a little…blue… These past four days out of the office were much needed and didn’t dig into my PTO, which I am saving for my jaunt to the heartland and Franklin, TN. The Whiskey Trail awaits. Anyway, not working Friday allowed me, for really the first time, to partake in the Black Friday madness. I passed out at my folks’ house Thanksgiving eve, so I hit a suburban locale Target for some deals. It was dead. Ghost town. Bizarre. Scored some good finds, though I should have been looking for others’ gifts. Next time. Now, Best Buy on the other hand, was a mess. I had to get out of there before I got stabby.

But back to the office parties, real quick. Mine has a holiday get together coming up in a few weeks, and, as I am prone to do, I plan on wearing something that people will notice, be it a bow tie, gaudy Christmas sweater, or perhaps just bringing along some mistletoe. I do have a shirt similar to that of Wards Barnyard Sweatshirt, but I have rendered it sleeveless, and therefore unacceptable attire for said event. You have to be pretty sure of yourself to don such apparel, I’ve come to find. Ripping the sleeves off of mine was a good start, though if I went with the sweatshirt, I would maybe need a pair of Powr House boots to counter the looks. “What is with that dude’s sweatshirt? I would like to give him a hard time, but I fear one of those boots meeting the side of my face. I will let him be.” That’s right, dude. Keep walking.


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