What you see vs. what they see: Ray Ban rare prints available now.

I follow a pattern when I go out on lunch from the office. This usually consists of, first, checking the RL/Polo stock at Macy’s, followed by a stop into J.Crew to say hey to my new friend behind the counter, then it’s off to Urban Outfitters and Whole Foods. By the time I get back to the office, my legs are bit tired. But seeing as how I have a desk job, any exercise at any time during the day is greatly appreciated. Today, though, I deviated from the norm and decided to stop into N3L, the sunglasses boutique. I haven’t been in there in quite some time for a particular reason: There’s this one guy who works there, and while I appreciate his enthusiasm, he’s just way too into it. “Have you seen these? Super sick! So excited about them! Oh man, these’d look killer on you, bro! High five!”

Alright, so I made up the part about the high five, but he did recognize me…from probably well-over a year and a half ago since I last saw him. I admire that sort of customer service/recognition, but I was more taken with the store’s fresh stock of Ray Ban Wayfarers, specifically the black-framed classics with an NYC Subway print adorning the inside. I dug the new take on the timeless look of the Wayfarer without going overboard. I carry a might disdain for the all-over print, but these shades didn’t bother me. If I want you to think I have a solid color pair on, you will think that, but I will know better…without looking like a complete goofball. I should admit, though, after I left the store, I went to J.Crew where an employee I’ve befriended notified me he could get the Red Wing boots for $100, but only for himself. Dammit.


4 responses to “What you see vs. what they see: Ray Ban rare prints available now.

  1. The J. Crew x Red Wings are a ripoff…buy direct.

    • momentumoffailure

      Buying direct is really the only way to go. It was just a tease to tell me he could snag them for $100 but hasn’t. I hinted at, “Can I use your discount?” But I don’t think he got it.

  2. those.are.epic.

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