Will Build to Suit. Blank Label offers, delivers, and pleases.

A few weeks back, I received a seemingly random email from a company by the name of Blank Label of which I had little to no knowledge of. Reading the email led me to their site where I was faced with company info and a fun little interactive “shirt building” engine. I was initially asked to do a sort of review of the site and let the founders know my honest opinion of it, which you may or may not have read about. Anyway, after doing the little blurb about the site, the gents at BL decided to take it one step further and have me design my own custom shirt at no cost to me. Seemed like a more than generous offer to which I agreed and started almost immediately on the customization.

After picking out the specs that I thought would make quite the sharp shirt (contrast collars and cuffs, blue pinstripe, custom embroidered collar tag, etc), I sent the info to Danny, my point of contact at the company. A 21 day turnaround time was promised. Three weeks later (it might have been less, come to think of it), I get a package at the foot of my door. “Hey Will,” it says. I actually sort of forgot that it was coming. Not because I wasn’t excited to see my shirt, but more because as of late I have been doing some late-night Amazon ordering. Hey, Christmas presents, right? Anyway, the problem I run into with dress shirts is the untailored billowyness in some parts, or the too-tightness in others. Somehow Blank Label remedied this predicament without so much a measurement. Commendable. I was pleased, too, with the weight of the fabric, not too heavy, not too light, and durable. The cuffs are a bit stiff for my taste, but after a few wears and roll-ups, they could soften up a bit. And, since I know it’s of interest to you, “Rogue Elephant” is a semi-inside-joke-slash-band-name between my friend and me.

Trying to not take a MySpace picture is the new MySpace picture. What’s MySpace?


5 responses to “Will Build to Suit. Blank Label offers, delivers, and pleases.

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  2. Certainly a great idea — even more so at their price point. I was expecting it to be a lot more expensive when I visited their website.

    • Hey Chad,

      glad you like the concept!

      we try to keep our price points reasonable, because we’re not really looking to be a luxury product. We want to be an everyday product because that’s the only way we’re gonna change the world! We’re looking to change consumer behavior… away from mass-production and towards mass-customization. join the wave my friend =)

      feel free to reach out.

      dwong (at) blank-label.com

  3. Hey Will, how about a picture of you in the shirt?

    We can barely tell what it looks like from the closeup shots.

    Just try not to make it a tacky myspace pic =P

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