Stocking Stuffers make or break the holidays: Longhorn cases, The Woolrich Sweater Stone, and a Titanium Round Flask

Opening the gifts from under the tree is all well and good, and I look forward to it with much anticipation every single year. I still go home for the holidays as I have yet to set up shop with a wife and kids of my own (read: I still give my mom a Christmas list every year). I have to admit, though, I probably am more excited about stocking stuffers, as I never have any idea what “Santa” has stuffed in there. It’s always a random collection of knick-knacks, socks, candy, pictures, toys, cheese, etc. Just the absurdity of some items mixed with the, “Hell yeah. I needed new dress socks but didn’t want to put them on my list,” of it all makes Christmas morning that much better. Add a helping of french toast, and one is set for life.

Not that I am going to start listing what I would like to see in my stocking in the years to come as the surprise is the best part, I have stumbled across a few goodies from the web that I wouldn’t mind being “surprised” by. In our tech-savvy day and age of living, what better way to prove one’s ruggedness than by wrapping your life (iPhone) in Longhorn hide? The best part? The company emailed to let me know that we all can get an extra 20% off when entering Holiday20 at checkout. Cyber Monday and Black Friday be damned. If you’re like me and have taken the path less-traveled and avoided the iPhone altogether but have a penchant for sweaters, perhaps the Woolrich Sweater Stone is more your speed. Finally, a way to keep my gaudy Christmas sweaters from pilling. Because, that’s just atrocious. And, really, who in God’s good name couldn’t use a high-quality flask? Find me a man that has no use for a nip from time to time, and I will show you a cyborg. An honest-to-goodness cyborg. Or alien. Now start surprising each other.


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