When direct messages prove fruitful: The Pierrepont Hicks lookbook complete with bow ties.

It’s always nice to hear positive praise from readers, obviously. Who doesn’t like their ego stroked from time to time? It’s a good feeling knowing something you are putting a great deal of work into is making someone else the slightest bit entertained and happy. Before I officially called it a day yesterday, I was pleased to have received a nice message of this ilk from finer wear purveyors, Pierrepont Hicks pointing me to their illustrious 09/10 F/W lookbook. It is nice to know I was thought of by someone else besides me, as I am constantly thinking of myself. It’s just some positive reassurance that everything is going well in life. “Will, things are cool. Not even a deal.”

Case in point: Next week is my company’s holiday party organized and put on solely by me. Aside from the inane questions I have had to answer regarding attire, location, time and date, and “Wait, we’re having a party…?” It has been a true test of patience on my part. I shouldn’t let it get to me as much as I am, but I have found myself laying awake at night reassuring myself that the place I picked, the food that will be provided, the date chosen, etc. are all of the highest quality and best of my doing. On top of all this, and as an added incentive to partake in the festivities, I have promised to wear a new bow tie bought special for this. How apropos that Pierrepont has one that would perhaps be perfect for the occasion via the Giles, seeing as how I haven’t yet got one. I suppose though, if I wanted to hold off on getting this right now, I could wear one no one at the office has seen yet and pass it off as new. But I’d know. And I would need a good talkin’ to after that.


5 responses to “When direct messages prove fruitful: The Pierrepont Hicks lookbook complete with bow ties.

  1. These guys are inspirations. Great products, great ethics, great people…’nuf said. I can’t recommend any neckwear more highly.

    • momentumoffailure

      That Giles bow will be mine before the light go down on 2009. Probably before the end of the week, for that matter.

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