A vacation house in Cotswold Village and stocking the Duluth Ammo Bag for when the timing is right.

Who would have thought that just a short 827 miles from my doorstep lied a small village in Arkansas modeled after ancient neighborhoods in England? Not me, that’s for damn sure. It’s sort of refreshing to see something like what’s going on with Cotswold Village, especially living where I do and seeing more and more modern looking condo complexes popping up. It’s not as though I don’t enjoy seeing building happening and neighborhoods being spruced up (read: gentrified), but some of these new monster creations have little to no character. That, and who the heck is looking to buy these days? Sure there’s that $8K tax credit first-time buyers can take advantage of, present company included, but seems like the supply and demand chart is a tad bit off. Perhaps is Denver would wise up and build castles, the vacancy rate would be drastically lower.

Imagine it: We would all live in ancient stone dwellings, or at least modeled to look that way, drink mead, eat turkey legs, have hounds that fetch our kill, carry around ammo bags, and say things like, “The king has no jurisdiction here! Here! Here!” And, “Bring me my jester!” I should point out that I am well aware that they used bows and arrows and scalding hot oil and battering rams back in them medieval days and not shotguns, but you know what? I don’t care. I want a Duluth Ammo Bag because I want to say, “Oh you like this? Yeah it’s an ammo bag. What’s that? Yes. I said ammo bag. For guns and bullets and roses and whatever else I want to stuff into it. Now off with your head!”


One response to “A vacation house in Cotswold Village and stocking the Duluth Ammo Bag for when the timing is right.

  1. If something could make me want to visit Arkansas, that would be it.

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