Bowmentum/Bonobomentum of Failure. Too much? Okay then. Limited edition Pendleton wool holiday pants and my Rugby bow.

I’m going to have to put the kibosh on these damn puns, aren’t I? Yes. Yes, indeed. Sometimes, though, they seem to just write themselves. I’m taking another step back from the Bow-mentum as I already got stoked on a tie this week, and also because I decided to totally ruin the promise of wearing my new bow (pictured) from Rugby to the holiday party next week and instead wear it today. I may just have to go forth with the Giles tie sooner than expected. I hope Pierrepont’s shipping is muy rapido as that party is creeping up fast. It seems like it was just yesterday that i was beginning to plan it. And by yesterday, I of course mean early November. And here we are…December. Come on. Really?

Lil tigers on there....

Speaking of holiday parties and all things plaid and festive, I have been looking for a good pair of pants to wear for this event and just around in general during this season. Bonobos has a few select pairs perfect for the occasion, but what gets me the most is the names the company slapped on their limited edition Pendleton wools. Panta Claus and Legnogs warrant buying these alone, despite the fact that I am currently saving money to finish up the holiday shopping. What I am trying to say is next year I may be swimming in it more and would probably snag a pair of these.


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