Where we’re going, we don’t need roads, though RJ Colt Marines and Sorel Road Sodas could be handy.

Saturday was a brilliantly gorgeous day here in Denver. I decided to put to good use my manual labor skills and install some hardwood floors with my dad while my sister “supervised.” It didn’t take as long as I originally thought it was going to, leaving me with the better part of the day free to do with whatever I so wished. Of course that meant a trip to Nordstrom Rack to be faced with yet another disappointing selection of shoes that hasn’t seemed to be restocked since 2008. They did however have some killer boots (and some cardigans, thanks for noticing) on the top shelf. Some were downright atrocious, but the offerings from RJ Colt were actually pretty cool. If I needed another paid of desert boots, I would have snagged a pair, but, alas, I’m set on that style. If they had the Marines, you bet your sweet caboose they’d have been coming home with me.

Or, perhaps, had I cared to check the forecast for the very next day, I would have bought a pair of boots anyway, seeing as how Denver got a thrashing of snow and I was once again unprepared. I have decided though, that this week is the boot-buying week. I almost partook in a little late night spending spree last night, but opted against it when I realized I still need to finish holiday shopping for friends and family. I could hint at the Sorel Road Sodas as the first Noel draws closer and closer or just bank on birthday/Christmas money to foot the cost. You’d think being a Denver native and all, I would have a zillion pairs of snow-worthy footwear at my disposal. Well, this should teach you never to assume. My Clarks did a good job, though I did have to shove hand warmers in there for most of the day.


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