Plaid tie, Plaid scarf, Navy peacoat. Yeah, the boy’s a timebomb.

I woke up feeling good this morning. Had a terrific phone conversation last night, which is out of the ordinary as I prefer to communicate via text and telepathy. But for whatever reason, lately, speaking on the phone has become much more enjoyable, possibly because I finally have someone of interest with whom to speak. Anyway, the alarm sounded at 6AM, and I popped right out of bed, no snooze button, and got genuinely excited for what I knew would be another mundane day. I threw on a button up, khakis and plaid tie semi-reminiscent of Psycho Bunny’s offering, drank some coffee, watched a bit of the news, read a blog or 4 and headed out into the 4 degree Denver morning.

Dammit all to Hell if that frigid air didn’t immediately freeze every alveoli in my lungs. It reminded me of college days in Gunnison, a small mountain town a half hour from Crested Butte. Granted, I had on a peacoat, fleece gloves and scarf, there really is no getting warm or fighting the cold of a car that’s been sitting street-side throughout the sub-zero night. And wouldn’t you know it? It seems 1995 Integras take longer to heat up than one would care for them to. So I’m sitting there, waiting for car to get any sort of comfortable temperature still feeling wicked good about myself and the day and really liking the plaid tie choice. It’s all about small victories, I’ve come to find. And this one was indeed a win. Albeit smaller than, say, Evil Knievel successfully clearing 46 flaming school busses on a riding lawnmower.


3 responses to “Plaid tie, Plaid scarf, Navy peacoat. Yeah, the boy’s a timebomb.

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  2. I might have just bought that scarf for myself at Crew this weekend. For $20. Great minds 🙂

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