Down to the Needlepoint: New Belt Patterns from Tucker Blair

With everyone’s Christmas shopping crossed off my list this year, I feel no shame in once again going forth with items for myself. I should be saving pending any unforeseen end-of-year expenses, as there always are, but, alas, it is not stopping me from frequenting the pages of my favorite online shops. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else and it’s perhaps just a phenomenon I am fleshing out, but when you’re bidding on an eBay auction, do you set the money you’ve bid aside in the “don’t touch” category? Then, if you happen to lose the auction (read: this morning, dammit), do you feel like the money you wouldn’t touch is now free to do with what you will? Like it’s a present of some sort? Yeah, that’s where I am at.

Remembering an email from a day ago or so, I thought, “Why not check out the new patterns from Tucker Blair? Them be some cool belts, anyhow.” I actually did think, “Them be…” My braing has a slight speech impediment. I’ve been working with a head doctor to see about fixing it. It’s getting substantially better, though, thanks for asking. Back to belts: had I not already pinned down the present for my little brother, I could have gone with the Lacrosse needlepoint as he coaches the sport at the University of Colorado. Hell, I could have gone with it for myself to commemorate that one month I played back when I was 15. Man, I sucked. I am big enough to admit to that. Just terrible. I like going to the Mammoth and all, but that’s the extent of my Lacrosse these days. Back to belts again: I need a new belt and have for a long time considered the fine craftsmanship of Tucker Blair. Will this be the season I pull the trigger on getting one? We shall see.


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