Debating Sweaters: Vest versus Sleeved.

Last night, as I sat watching one of the worst or ironically best movies I have seen (Surfer, Dude), I got thinking about sweaters. maybe it was due to the fact I wanted, at some point during the flick, for Matthew McConaughey to put some sort of covering on his upper body as you get sick of being faced with the dude’s abs after the first 3 minutes. Seriously. Does the guy own a shirt? Granted, if I had a 6 pack like that and did nothing but Airstream around deserts with friends, I wouldn’t put a shirt too high on my list of priorities. Anyway, it’s too cliche to make fun of Mr. McConoughey in this aspect. It’s been done. So onto the sweater discussion.

I asked a few of you readers to give me some insight as to some recommendations for a good sweater vest, and, in turn, if they were even a good idea, in general. Mixed opinions came back at me ranging from “NEVER” to “Only when done right” and even “Sweater vest?! C’mon man, what is this, 1998?” I liked that one. Made me think of the baggy vests worn by a Mr. Happy Gilmore. I decided to do a little searching based on opinions from last night. I dig a sweater vest when, like someone said, it is done right. Clean looking like Ralph Lauren’s is a good example versus an ill-fitting, shirt-bunching-underneath style. But then the functionality is at debate. Why not just buy a sleeved sweater (I’m into Canterbury of NZ as of late) and push up the cuffs when overheated? Is the sweater vest purely an accessory? Really, who only needs their torso and shoulders warmer than their extremities? Help me answer some questions here, people.


4 responses to “Debating Sweaters: Vest versus Sleeved.

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  2. like both, LOVE RL. 🙂

  3. I have about 6 RL sweaters and I wear them all the time. I’m personally a big fan of the button-down underneath sweater look . I feel like my arms are always the first thing to get cold, so I don’t really see the logic behind the sweater-vest, but hey, if you can rock it well, more power to you.

  4. The first one is nice, but the lion in the middle looks like it shouldn’t be there

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