Commissioned once again: The Laptop Bag from Temple

A friend of mine noticed my commuter bag the other day and asked me where I got it. Johnston & Murphy was kind enough to ship me one pro-bono, which was a huge gesture on their part, and I haven’t stopped thanking them, as it is my favorite currently. Anyway, I came away from the request with a sense of pride and flattery that someone would ask not only for advice on a stylish bag, but for me to as well do the legwork in finding one. I stumbled across the works of Temple earlier in the week, quite apropos, and have since pointed him towards their laptop carrier.

While I am not sure what his price range is (he makes a pretty penny, so maybe it’s a non-issue), I don’t think one can really slap a price on a bag made from WWII re-purposed field duffels. I mean, sure, Temple did put a price on it, because they are running a business, but to have a unique carrier like this would definitely set you apart from a good many folk. I’d like it greatly if he ends up going through with the purchase solely for the fact I want to see one of these in person. Granted this is one of many, many recommendations I’ve come up with over the course of 2009. What do y’all think? Any other suggestions for the professional business-type in need of a good satchel of some sort?


One response to “Commissioned once again: The Laptop Bag from Temple

  1. Siiick! I want for Christmas…

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