The Bowmentum of Failure: Southern Proper

While I was tardy in pulling the trigger on my planned new bow tie for my company’s holiday party this evening, I have one picked out, and after some unforeseen holiday shopping is completed, I will be going ahead with the purchase. But just because my sights are set on Pierrepont Hicks Giles tie doesn’t mean my blood-thirsty quest for new and unique bows comes to an end. With each one purchased, I find myself wanting to stock my neckwear collection more and more. It could be seen as a debilitating habit, but I’d rather this than have a crippling addiction to meth. Those anti-meth ads just popped into my head. Heh. “Okay, I will buy this bow tie. But only this one. I’m not going to end up like that.” Pan to Orville Redenbocker freebasing.

Perhaps it’s the upcoming Nashville trip, but I have been in a Southern kind of mood as of late. I think last night I said I was “fixin to do” something. Maybe make grits. I forget. Plus I am growing this mustache and running Southern Style Holiday Giveaway, which, if you haven’t entered yet, i suggest you do stat. The fine folk at Southern Brand sent me a koozie, and while I have only drinking a soda from it, it made that carbonated beverage all the better. Though, I am nowhere near getting “The South Will Rise Again” tattooed on my back, I am not adverse to wearing one of Southern Proper’s ties. Then, who knows? Maybe it’s off to Churchill Downs with my brother. I’m game. $2 Daily Double on #3, #5.


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