Redecoration, comfort, and gift cards: West Elm blankets for all.

As I age, I find that my creativity decreases when it comes to items placed on my Christmas list. Where I once asked for something super-detailed and would circle items in the Toys R Us catalog, these days, I find that I would be much happier with gift cards from my favorite shops. Hell, even my Secret Santa list at the office doesn’t scream “unique,” as the first two items on it are white wine and Target gift certificates. Wow, Will, way to not come off as some sort of booze-filled shopaholic…cough, cough. Honestly though, if I can’t think of anything I want/need right now, why would I ask for something so particular? Granted, I did throw a pair of Red Wing Gentleman Travelers on my list, but other than that, I asked for a little fundage to West Elm. The consensus, by the way, was “chestnut.”

But speaking of specific gifts, I treated myself, last week, to an early Birthday present by way of Lost: Season 5. When I told everyone in jest that they wouldn’t be seeing me for awhile due to my crippling addiction to the show, I actually have let public appearances fall by the wayside. Not that I mind in the least, but my days as of late have been to get off work, go home, throw on Lost, and watch episode after episode (sometimes repeating so as not to miss anything) until roughly 2 or 3am. As the condo cools down over the course of these marathons, I find myself reaching for my trusty West Elm throw as it is cheaper than the damn heating bill. I’ve been saving for a few more items to cozy up my place as well. So we’ll see, post-Christmas, just what I take home, as I have no idea right now.


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