Weekend Retail Therapy: The Outlets at Castle Rock

While it still remains a mystery to me, I cannot sleep in on the weekends past 8AM. It’s a curse and blessing. While I like that I see almost the maximum amount of daylight one can experience, no one else in my peer group is awake, let alone willing to hang out. That doesn’t happen until well into the evening. I get tons accomplished on my own throughout the weekend days where other spend the time sleeping, relaxing from what may or may not have been a stressful week. But there’s something inside me, some tiny voice that says, “Okay, sunlight is coming through the blinds. Time to get up, chump.” Yeah, the little voice is sort of a bully, but I manage. And as tired as my body still is, I get out of bed and get a handle on what needs or what I want to get done.

And on this “get r’ dun” list is usually a jaunt down about 25 minutes south of Denver to the Outlets at Castle Rock. It’s not as though every time I go I spend any money. It’s more the people watching and free samples at Harry & David, I enjoy. And especially this time of year, when they put the Christmas tree out and the shops and sidewalks are bustling with bargain-hunters, is among my favorite. It’s akin to the smell of Cinnabons rehashing memories of the mall that used to be by my parent’s house when I was growing up and shopping there during this season. A benefit though to these excursions to the Outlets is that it kills a good few hours while all my friends drag themselves from bed. This past weekend, while it was the same routine, I decided to actually purchase something as the deal was too good on which not to follow through.  Only $25 for a $100 Brooks Brothers sweater, you say? Deal, Howie. Deal. Read on for a few snapshots including an awesome trike from Restoration Hardware and said sweater.

Almost bought this and banked on having a kid who would appreciate it versus waiting to have kids then getting it.

No cats, though. Cats will be shot on sight.


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