A gentlemanly pursuit of happiness: Cross Country Skiing and L.L. Bean’s Fischer Silent Spider Ski Set

After a good discussion with my older brother last evening, I decided it’s time to once again find my legs atop two planks of wood and relearning how to ski. Making the switch to snowboarding at the tender age of 13, I haven’t thought once about taking back up skiing until very recently. I guess clarification is in order, though. This won’t really be “relearning” so much as it will be my trying once again to cross country ski. The trails around the family’s mountain chalet are second to none and appeal much more to me than, say, fronting $100 for a day pass to careen down an icy hillside only to reach the bottom, stand in lift lines with thousands of my best friends, and doing it all over again. There’s a fine art and feeling of satisfaction that comes with the quietness of cross country trails. It’s almost cathartic sounding.

This won’t be the first time I’ve done the cross country thing, but it has been ages since I’ve attempted. I was a snowboarder, man. I was too cool for that much physical activity. Psh. Hand me a brew and let’s shred the gnar, bro. Well, I’m a little older, a little wiser, and now appreciate the simpler, finer things this life has to offer. And isn’t it just par for the course that I while scanning the L.L. Bean site for a pair of Bean boots, I stumbled across their ski set? The pricetag isn’t even that hefty, which, if I sold some of my snowboard stuff, I could really bring home today. I will probably hold on to most of my gear on the off chance a day on the slopes sounds appealing. But with my want, now, for a gun, perhaps this is just the cliff I needed to step off to get one so I can do the whole olympic “Ski then Shoot then Ski again” thing. What a cool event. Really.


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