The Bowmentum of Failure: Wooden Bowties and WolfsHead Beardye.

It wouldn’t be a Friday if I didn’t reiterate my like of a good bow tie. And while I opt for the tie-it-yourself variety, my friend cluing me in this week to the knowledge that a wooden style actually exists, I would be remiss if I didn’t, in turn, share said ties with you. I already catch my share of guff at the office and in social setting for wearing the neck wear, I can only imagine how compounded it would be donning one made of birchbark.  Seeing as how I can hold my own in these situations, I would hesitate not one hot minute is sporting it. It’s a wooden bow tie. Who wouldn’t wear it? Commies, that’s who. Are you a commie? Well, are ya?

No, of course you aren’t. Unless I somehow have readers in Russia that still adhere to the ways of old. If so, cool, and I’m sure you have your reasons. I am also sure your mustaches are growing in much better than mine. For whatever reason, maybe it’s watching too many movies, but I equate a good mustache with the Soviet Union. The one I have been growing now for a good three weeks is still a wispy display of auburn, more reminiscent of my upper lip being dirty versus distinguished. It has gotten to the point that I went online and researched the wide array of beard dyes available. While the standards were there, I would be doing myself a disservice I chose anything but WolfsHead. It’s got a wolf on it, for Pete’s sake. But this begs the question: Is dying a stache only for those with graying hair in an attempt to look youthful? Or is it acceptable for those whos facial hair grows in light to go forth using said product as well? Thoughts?


3 responses to “The Bowmentum of Failure: Wooden Bowties and WolfsHead Beardye.

  1. So Will…it really has been 4-5 weeks ( well over, actually) since you posted about your mustache conundrum….I’m super excited that you’ve taken to growing one. Aside from that, I’m all for the Wolfshead to be used at any age. Take all the help you can get.

  2. As a life-long bow tie wearer since my early teens (and now in my mid-50s), I first came across this rather bizarre concept of the wooden bow tie about ten years ago. To read this today sparks in me the response “good heavens, are they still in businss?”. I suppose these must appeak to someone or have some kind of collectable cache. I, however, just don’t get it.

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