The Bromentum of Failure: A tip of the hat to my older sibling and Tanner Goods

“Well, your present had to be handmade, which is why it took a little longer, but it looks as though it is going arrive in time.” Those were the words my brother used hinting at what he got me for today, the special day when 28 years ago, I first graced this world with my presence. Of course, I initially thought of a bust of The Rock made entirely of beef jerky. So you can imagine my shock when he hands me a box much smaller than a box would need to be to hold such a sculpture. It was nice not knowing, whatsoever, what was inside. So when I pulled out a hand-crafted belt from Tanner Goods in Portland, I was a happy camper. I didn’t doubt the authenticity, but the date of manufacturing printed on the tag was cool to see, as well as the note on the back.

Tanner Goods are produced by hand with simple tools in small batches in our studio in Portland, Oregon. We utilize the same heritage techniques that have been passed down for generations, and put painstaking care into each and every piece. Our products are crafted to be used day in and day out, wearing with distinction over time.

Not only did the belt show thoughtfulness as it did have to be handmade, meaning he would have had to order it quite some time ago, the book of Bawdy Ballads and Lusty Lyrics I got from my Nashvillian friend has been thoroughly entertaining me all morning. I woke up at 4:30 today, not by my own volition, and instead of going back to bed, I decided to treat myself to this gift. I don’t know if they have anymore copies of it, but when I visit Landmark in Franklin, I will check to see. But this one? This one’s all mine. Same with the belt. I have a Tanner belt. What a day.


3 responses to “The Bromentum of Failure: A tip of the hat to my older sibling and Tanner Goods

  1. That’s a very cool gift, and the fact that it was handmade just for you makes it even more special. Hope you have a great birthday!

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  3. I love my tanner belt–only gets better the more I wear it. I’m already looking at getting another.

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