J. Crew Visited and Revisited: Red Wing Chukkas and Oiled MacAlister Boots

I got an interesting/welcomed email this weekend, the likes of which I will privy you to later. It confirmed my suspicions that the world is indeed getting smaller. Following this recent Canada/Colorado/Tennessee/Los Angeles Bermuda communication triangle comes another semi-chance and coincidental meeting. It really is astounding how, as we progress in life, the connections we make link us further than we can ever imagine. Life slowly becomes the Kevin Bacon game, where only a few degrees of separation probably connect me to the bum on the corner or Gunner Nelson’s hair stylist. Sometimes off-putting, sometimes surprisingly convenient, the ones I have come across in the past few months have been great. Creepy, but great.

The most recent, I will tell you, comes by way of my friend Ryan at J. Crew. To clarify, we’ve never hung out and if you recall, I was asking the best way to approach another dude to ask if he’d like to grab a beer sometime as he seems like a good guy. I know, it sounds like a Paul Rudd movie. Turns out someone at the store has a kid who read MoF, put two and two together after reading mention of Ryan, and notified him. Good ice-breaker, if I do say so myself. Perhaps I will now have an in onto when Crew might be stocking Red Wing Chukkas and MacAlister boots in store versus solely online. Only time will tell. And in that time, who knows who else I will meet. Maybe Tiger. Somehow.


One response to “J. Crew Visited and Revisited: Red Wing Chukkas and Oiled MacAlister Boots

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