Sunday with the Old Man: Tanner Gun Show, the Ruger LCR, and Iron Ridge Arms

By no stretch of the term am I a “gun nut,” nor am I opposed to firearms either when used responsibly. Depending on your understanding of the word “responsible,” this may or may not include spelling out your name with a machine gun on the side of an abandoned factory in the industrial district. I leave that to your discretion. That aside, I like looking at guns and yesterday thought, “Hell, today being the Sabbath and all, why not call the old man and see if he wants to come to the Tanner Gun Show with me?” I always see the bright, neon billboards for this thing and have wanted to go for a long while now. I had no idea what to expect but was surprised by nothing I saw. Upon pulling up to the event center, I saw a guy in rigid Levi’s and western shirt with the whitest, bushiest mustache draw a Marlboro Red 100 from a cigarette case in his breast pocket, light it up, and proceed to enter flavor country. I knew it was going to be a good day.

Wandering the floor of the show was a discombobulating feat unto itself. There was so much going on, it was hard to orient yourself and focus on any one thing. I did, though, learn an important lesson: when approach by a female spokesperson for a self-defense weapon/class and they ask, “How does your girlfriend/mom/wife/sister/etc. protect herself when they are out?” You answer, “They carry a gun.” Otherwise you better prepare yourself for a half hour spiel the likes of which they will not let you disengage. After this and in between the many beef jerky samples, I had the chance to finish my holiday shopping, peruse some wicked Smith & Wesson knives, pick up a vintage ammo box, and get a feel for the Ruger LCR. It wasn’t until after I left that a friend asked if Colorado’s own Iron Ridge Arms Company was in attendance. I didn’t think to look, obviously, but, they have these shows monthly, it was brought to my attention. So, Drew, in January, I will check for you. And on Springfield Armory. My favorite booth, though, or the one that was most out of place? The guy selling his used remote control cars in the far, back corner. That or the guys selling 1990 Denver Broncos trading cards, ff which I will expand on later this week.


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