Holiday shopping doesn’t feel complete without a Woolrich purchase.

Maybe it’s because it is snowing quite hard here in Denver and the only place I want to be is home, on the couch, watching Lost on Blu Ray, under a huge, heavy blanket, and sipping on Stranahan’s, but this time of year always conjures up thoughts of Woolrich and their heavyweight material. It’s that rustic nostalgia of a mountain cabin with a huge fire in the fireplace and a lab at your feet type of thing. Though I currently don’t have anything of theirs at my condo to keep me warm and rely currently on old hand-made quilts, when I get the chance to go to Breckenridge, I look forward to using the blankets by them up there. Though, seeing as how I do drive to work on the daily, strapping my keys to the Buffalo Key Ring could be the best way to start to integrate Woolrich into the everyday. It is quite boss, in my eyes.

I’m also a huge fan of the Leather Journal which, oddly enough, is on sale. Even if solely to look like Indiana Jones and having to trace outlines of hieroglyphics for future reference on my quest for the Holy Grail, keeping track of my life in classic style is much more appealing than scribbling in a Lisa Frank notepad. There could be a quiet dignity in carrying such a gaudy pad, however. I just haven’t found it now had a desire to attempt such a stunt. Regardless, had I seen this leather bound journal prior to purchasing what i already had for my older brother, I would have got it. Oh well, there’s always me. And what have we learned? One can never treat themselves too much. It’s not possible.

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