The Momentum Top Ten of 2009: #9 – Bow Ties of Polo Rugby

Long time readers are well aware the duration it took me to finally pull the trigger on buying my first bow tie. But 2009 saw me following through on the promise I made to everyone to not only own one but to wear it proudly. And this year I did just that, discovering that, dammit, I look 8 shades of svelte donning said neck wear. Although the first one I got was that of the polka-dotted variety the likes of which attendees of the Momentum BBQ saw, I have to admit that the two I grabbed off of Rugby are my current faves. Something about wrapping little castles and tigers around my neck makes me feel quite good.

Again, I must state that this Top 10 is in no particular order. It actually is coming to you the way it is due to the fact that I am randomly remembering just what I did actually buy this year. Then it’s the stumbling upon them in my place and saying, “Oh yeah! This. I bought this or that this year. Man, think of the mula I could have saved.” Oh well. You only get one spin on this carousel of life. Smoke ’em if you got ’em, right? Right. Plus, it’s a fun time scouring my home and remembering when, where, why, and how I acquired said items. Except for that Holga I got. That thing is just collecting dust.


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