The Momentum Top Ten of 2009: #8 – St. Croix Stormy Kromer

This past Summer saw me and the old man getting in some good bonding time with a trek across some of the continental United States. I haven’t done the Denver-to-Wisconsin roadtrip since I was 15. Good times, indeed. I need to do it more often. It cleared my head and gave me a chance to do some honest thinking about life in general. Plus I got to see my favorite aunt and uncle, kill some fish, cruise around the lake in a fully restored Chris-Craft play guitar around a roaring fireplace, and drink about 40 Leinenkugel’s. In between fish-slaying, axe-playing, and beer drinking, my dad and I made a trip to the tiny town of Park Falls, WI, home of not only Packerland Plus, but the St. Croix fishing rod company. And, yes, that is where I picked up #8 on my Top Ten purchases of 2009.

I went back and forth on the St. Croix Stormy Kromer for a good 15 minutes before actually taking it to the checkout counter at the shop. Not that I wasn’t sure with going forward with the purchase, there were just so many items from which to choose. I rest pleased with my decision especially when I had the bright idea the next morning to grab a few cold ones and hit the lake for some cold, early AM fishing. I didn’t last all that long out there seeing as how I forgot gloves of any kind and a heavier jacket. My head, though, was toasty under the Kromer. It wasn’t until a few helpings of my dad’s famous pancakes did I finally get feeling back in my fingers, though.


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