The Momentum Top Ten of 2009: #6 – Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka

In June of the year of our Lord, 2009, I stumbled across the likes of Crystal Head Vodka. Initially, I was more taken with the fact that the former Ghostbuster/wild and crazy guy/Blues Brother himself, Dan Aykroyd was making it. Back in those days (like it was actually that long ago), I was mainly focused on just reporting on “cool” items versus doing the sort of test-it-and-see method I have since put into place. While I myself did not actually purchase the skull-spirit, I was pleased when my friend, Amanda, did. Call it one of those infamous late night impulse buys she and I were so prone to this past Summer, it was a purchase I think she does not regret.


In fact, I think the only regrettable thing about the whole owning of said vodka was that, after we cracked the seal and enjoyed a few vodka/tonics on the the porch of her Wash Park home, we didn’t stash it in a better hiding place. Here’s a tip: When and if you buy a $60 bottle of semi-rare vodka and you decide to host a party, the top of the fridge is not the ideal place for the bottle if you want to keep it for awhile. Lesson learned. Of course, this was before Crystal Head was available at any liquor in Colorado. Then, BAM! Overnight, almost…it was everywhere. Mr. Aykroyd was just in town, in fact, signing bottles at the local liquor store. The lure has come and gone.


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