The Momentum Top 10 of 2009: #1 – You.

I have had the opportunity to chat with and meet in real life some pretty fantastic people in 2009. I started Momentum of Failure on February 26, 2009 as sort of a bookmark list of items I liked or thought looked cool. It has since grown into what it is thanks in large part to my readers/contributors/friends/enemies. I had no expectations of getting free gear or befriending those of which I have.  I look forward to making many more connections and am quite excited for what the future holds for not only me, but for the lot of us. So, to put it simply, thank you all for making 2009 one of the best years of my life. Let’s toast to a bright rest of our lives. Cheers.

Will / The Momentum of Failure


2 responses to “The Momentum Top 10 of 2009: #1 – You.

  1. I have little *need* to peruse the men’s debonair fashions 😉 that you highlight on this site, except for when I buy a gift for a friend/gentleman/brother…but I love reading your blog. I never click “mark as read.” ;D You’re a great writer and have a quippy sense of humor. Glad I got to know you a bit in 2009. Cheers to 2010!

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