The Momentum Top 10 of 2009: #3 & #2 – The Hangover Cure / Tactical Bacon & Turkey Jerky

2009 was indeed the year of box wine around my household. I would rather not try to count how many chardonnay-filled cardboard holders I went through, as I am sure it would just make me feel awful. But, other than living my life a quarter mile at a time, I live it, too, with no regrets. Onwards and upwards, I always say. At any rate, some of the mornings after partaking in the glory that comes from a box, saw me couch-ridden, not wanting to move a muscle. This year, though, I was lucky enough to have a few samples of The Hangover Cure sent my direction. While I don’t subscribe to herbal remedies (I like my western medicine, thanks), I put THC to the test and found it actually did the trick. The only snag, now, is that given it is New Year’s Eve, I was lax in requesting a few more vials of the powder to stave off what I am, sure is going to a less-than-pleasant morning tomorrow.

This was also the year of free meat. I have made no secret of my love of a bag of jerky and/or a morning filled with bacony goodness. Yessir, 2009 was quite the year. Thanks to some connections I made via what the kids are calling “Twitter,” I had a few kids swing me a hookup with ThinkGeek, seeing a can of Tactical Bacon show up on my doorstep one day along with a few other bacon-themed items. Nothing at all sounds appetizing about canned bacon, but it was surprisingly not too bad. It tasted like, well, bacon. Unfortunately, the bacon gumballs, too, tasted like the cured meat, which was not so great. I was also fortunate enough to be contacted by the folks at, who in turn hooked me up with a few bags of their turkey jerky, one of which went to a reader via a contest awhile back. Free meat and beating hangovers: 2009, you certainly had some good plans for me, even if I remember only, maybe, half of them.


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