A new year and old classics: Sperry Topsiders and Want Organic for J.Crew Tavel Bags

Well, we made it through another year, didn’t we? We had some ups and downs, ins and outs, these and thats, but for the most part, it was pretty spectacular. Personally, 2009 was a revamp year. I got into a pretty decent groove pertaining to my wardrobe. I ditched the many of the ways of old in favor of classing it up a bit. I still need to get a whole helluva lot of shoes off my hands (if you’re interested, let me know), but for the most part, I purged closets, storage units, and dressers to make room for a slew of new polos and wovens as well as many a decent Sperry finds at Nordstrom Rack. I’ve decided that one can never have too many pairs of Topsiders. That said, a trip to the Rack is long overdue.

So, as fruitful as 2009 proved for seeing me look better on the daily, 2010 is the year for finally pulling the trigger on the to-do list I created over the course of the past 12 months and beyond. It has been years, now, that I have talked about and wanted to visit Nashville. So, finally, after much delay, I am going. It helps that I now know someone there versus before only banking on meeting and befriending Jack White so he’d let me sleep on his couch. I still hope that happens, but if not, i now have lodging provided. While I am going to hold off on a new travel bag for right now (I want to see how much cash I blow through this weekend), much travel is planned this year and some new gear to accompany me on these trips will be needed. One step at a time, though. Nashville first. Then, who knows?


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