Cold feet and the dirty ground: Rediscovering Clarks by happenstance.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Truer words have not been spoken, aside from “Every movie would be better if it ended with a pie fight.” Though that phrase has yet to catch on, the first one is very true. Here’s the story: I awoke on January 1st, groggy, slightly hungover, half-clothed, on the couch, hungry, dehydrated, and slightly discombobulated. Given the prior even was NYE, this was how I imagined the majority of folks woke up as well. I sat there, not moving, for the better part of an hour trying to recall the events of the night, how I got home, where my shirt went, and why my pajama pants were on backwards. After coming to very few conclusions, I noticed my Beatles: Rock Band set up out of the corner of my eye. After putting on some fresh clothes, making a pot (or two) of coffee, and choking down some breakfast, I thought now was as good of time as any to break the cherry on the video game.

After what seemed like 15 minutes of play, I realized I had been strumming the fake guitar for going on three hours. That’s when I noticed my feet had turned a cool shade of blue. You see, in all my preparing to play and waking up, I forgot to turn on the heat. The temperature had dropped to a balmy 54 degrees in my condo. I hit “pause” and went to get a pair of socks and shoes to warm up the appendages. I grabbed the warmest looking pair in the closet, which just so happened to be my Wallabees that I don’t think I’ve worn in 8 months or so. Now, I haven’t taken off since, save for sleeping and showering. They warmed me right up, inspiring me to pick up another pair. I am looking at the Desert Boots in Oakwood, as they look like they’d do the trick as well, should I forget about switching on the heat on a 10 degree morning. That said, Beatles: Rock Band. My place. Saturdays. 2010.


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