Another go with Animal Clothing. Need some insight…

If you were among those of us lucky enough to cash in on the amazing price I was able to finagle for the Animal Command Jacket, you should by now know that this company is not fooling around. That beast of a jacket is quite possibly the warmest wool jacket hanging in my front closet (full review to come). It came just in time, too, as the next few days/weeks in Denver saw temperatures not exceeding the teens. If you didn’t get your paws on one, no worries. Animal tells me they can still provide you with one of your own at the price we worked out. At any rate, my contact at the company wanted to see if any of you readers would be interested in any other items from their catalog. I scanned through their online shop and came upon a few items I personally like. One being the Nostrand Hoody. It’s simple and, well, black. It just looks like something you could throw on without thinking about before heading to a cooler night at the ballpark or just running to pick up some Thai Basil takeout. Ya know, whatevs.

Then I got to think, “While I don’t exactly need another hoody and may just want it, I actually do need socks. And would you look at that? Animal has some named after my favorite NYC neighborhood. Score.” So, to add to the list of potential items on which we can maybe get a deal, I would like to submit for the approval of the Midnight Society, Animal’s Upper West Sock. But since this site is a blogocracy versus a blogtatorship, I would like to hear from you. Head over to Animal’s Online Store, give their products a gander, and shoot a comment or two with what you would like. I will then take the most popular item and get at my friends at the company. Off to the races…


One response to “Another go with Animal Clothing. Need some insight…

  1. I would be real interested in the animal command jacket if they are still available at the pre-arranged price?

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