Becoming a better man: Upping My Game via Written Correspondence

A little while back, I came across the the fine Elephant Cards of the Forgetful Gentleman. It got me thinking about the lost art of the hand-written letter, and I vowed on that day that I would begin partaking in that very act more. I don’t believe in New Years resolutions as I think they are fairly bogus. That’s a whole other story I will not delve into at this time. At any rate, I just kicked off my personal attempt to engage in writing letters more and more by way of sending ‘Thank You’ notes to relatives for the holiday gifts and well-wishes they sent my way. While I opted to use Hallmark this time around to express my sentiments, I did happen upon the set of Pigma Micron pens I sort of forgot all about. Having a decent pen is crucial I learned as my years as a loan analyst for a small investment firm in the suburbs of Denver oh so many years ago. Not that I get giddy over a simple pen, but I can say without question the Micron .20mm is hands down one of the finest pens I own. It pays to have friends who work at art stores. So as a shameless plug, if you are in the market for a good, affordable writing utensil, this should be on your list.

Now the question remains: What route do I take for the stationary itself? I like the letterpressed Forgetful Gentleman line, but as always, I am open to other suggestion. I suppose there’s always loose-leaf.


6 responses to “Becoming a better man: Upping My Game via Written Correspondence

  1. I like my Uni-ball Vision Exact from Target, personally.

    I’m left-handed, so it’s impossible to write with Gel pens, something about how the ink/gel flows.

    • momentumoffailure

      I used those for years as well and love them to this day. Just goes to show that some of these pen companies making ink spitters that price out in the $100 range should rethink business practices.

  2. My handwriting is exponentially better with the Micron pens, although I don’t remember what .mm I used. Recently, I have become a devote user of the Sharpie pen.

  3. momentumoffailure

    The Sharpie is a good go-to. If I could find a way to incorporate Krink into my everyday, I would be happy.

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