Dressing warm for Nashville and a visit to the Johnston & Murphy Corporate Offices

It’s been a long, long, long time coming, but I am finally making it out to Nashville, TN. I’ve been talking about this trip for, oh, going on four years or so, as it was actually one of my choice destinations to which to move had I not gone with NYC. This year is the year of new beginnings, people. I have a feeling it’s going to be 12 months the likes of which not a single one of us will forget. Whether that means yours will be good or bad, I cannot say. Regardless, kicking off my year with a trip to Nashville (Franklin, to get specific) has already made January the opposite of the usual lackluster bitch of a month. On top of the terrific sounding plans my “tour guide” has lined up for the long weekend, including dinner Friday night at the Red Pony (the seared scallops beckon), I have been invited to visit the Johnston & Murphy corporate offices to have a peak at their Spring line.

Seeing as how I got a ‘D’ in high school geography, it surprises me little that I will be faced with temperatures in the 20’s for the duration of my trip. I thought Tennessee was a southern state. Go figure. Donning the wool coat and thermals are in order to stave off the high chance of getting a cold. And, if J&M has a pair of their Rabbit Gloves lying around, that would be all the better. Coming from Denver, I am used to the colder weather, though the air here is dry which makes lower temperatures much more bearable than in the humid states. Honestly, though, I am more focused on new experiences, new friends, and a long-overdue vacation to the home of the Country Music Hall of Fame, which I am told I will get the VIP treatment. Does that mean Jack White will personally guide my tour?


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