“Every man should have proper stationery.” True words.

Yesterday I spoke of my fondness for my Micron pens and how I have utilized them thus far in my attempt to revive the lost art of written correspondence. I concluded my sentiments expressing the need for some good stationery. I joked about loose-leaf and keeping it simple. I also have highlighted the high-end what with the letterpress from Forgetful Gentleman. And while I am not going to be going to buy a ream of college-ruled to send out to people, dropping close to a $100 isn’t on my list either, quite yet. I need to see if I actually follow through with this, unlike when I bought a Holga and “totally wanted to get into artsy photography.” While the Holga collects dust in my storage unit, I decided that, while I wait for Impossible Cool’s stationery recommendation, I would do some searching of my own. Wouldn’t you know that I would come across Crane & Co.’s Black Lab Dog Notes. A little back story: I had a black lab in college upon which, after graduating, I had to relinquish ownership of to my parents. I moved into a Denver apartment and my folks live on a decent plot of land in the suburbs. It felt unfair to coop a lab up in a 700 sq/ft place when she could just as easily have a yard and full-time company.

So, given my affinity for my black lab and this new found desire to write more letters, this set has my attention. But who knows? Tonight I could find some with old Volvos or pictures of Cold War-era firearms and change my mind yet again.


3 responses to ““Every man should have proper stationery.” True words.

  1. stationery |ˈstā sh əˌnerē|
    writing paper, esp. with matching envelopes.

    stationary |ˈstā sh əˌnerē|
    not moving or not intended to be moved.

  2. momentumoffailure

    Good catch, Brian. Thanks.

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