The Bowmentum of Failure welcomes Kate and the Bow.Tie Unique.

A few months back I became quite infatuated with a small Etsy shop by the name of Bow Tie Unique Boutique. Pleased in seeing someone from the opposite sex that shares my affinity for the bow tie, I decided to reach out to the mastermind behind the shop and pick her brain a bit as from where her love of the neck wear stems. Offering a good story as well as some eye-candy for you all, I would like to welcome Kate from Bow.Tie Unique. Help me welcome her to the Bowmentum of Failure by giving her story a read and her shop a gander.

To be fair and to give you a clear understanding of why I, a girl, grew to become so attached to a classic male neck accessory, I would have to begin with this tale in high school. I went to a private school, where uniforms were the apparel of headmaster’s choice with a casual Friday allowance. It let us shed our uniform layers to don dressy-casual attire. Guys had little choice when it came to Friday wear, the biggest decision they were allowed to make was tie or bowtie. Watching plethora of bowties floating about for four years, I became very comfortable with the idea of this popular neckwear, joining the Bowtie Club. The club itself was nothing but a society to be a part of which required its members to tie a bowtie under 10 seconds. As time went on and I was in search for a perfect name for my online boutique where I sell handmade accessories and vintage clothing, it was quite clear that Bow.Tie. Boutique was going to be the one.
I have always been very accepting of the bowtie; I think this is because in my mind it had always been more of a bow than a tie. And now that I named my online boutique after this amazing tie with an identity crisis, I am on a mission to change people’s opinions of it. I want to make it wearable for girls, transforming vintage bowties into necklaces. Girls have been trying to dress guys for ages, well boys, now it’s your turn. Pass on your love for bowties to your lady by introducing her to the bowtie that she can wear.

Check out her collection on Etsy:

Bow.Tie. Unique

Follow her on Twitter for witty banter:

Also, stay tuned for as I continue to work with Kate on some sort of giveaway we’re trying to cook up.


One response to “The Bowmentum of Failure welcomes Kate and the Bow.Tie Unique.

  1. Just checked out her shop- she has lots of adorable pieces! I love the bow tie necklace- looks perfect with her tank!

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