Better late than never: At home with Red Wings Gentleman Travelers.

Although my planned trip last week to Nashville had to be put on hold as Denver got pelted with snow, and I, in turn, got bumped from my flight. Ah the treachery of the buddy pass. When it works, it works wonders. But when things go haywire, you’re, for lack of a better word, screwed and at the complete whim of the airlines. As angered as I was that the heavens decided to open and “bless” Denver with a snowstorm, not going actually proved fortuitous. It was a let down not to go, sure, but you can’t mope about it. It happens. It is what it is. No use crying over spilled milk. And so on, and so forth. Back on topic: sticking around town was of benefit both professionally and personally. Some big shifts at my office saw my responsibilities increase ten-fold. And especially in this economy, and added work is an added bonus. So while I took Friday night for myself and reveled in the events of the week, I got the last of my holiday goods the next day.

I got wind that from where we had originally placed the order for the Red Wing Gentleman Travelers, they had run out of the size/color combo I wanted. Instead of choosing a different style, I opted to wait the extra time while the boots were made up. So Saturday, when I heard they arrived at my parents’ place, I wasted no time in make a trip to the suburbs to pick them up. The trip south was well worth it as I opened the box and was greeted by a heavy waft of fresh boot smell. These things are the real deal. Being my first pair and all, I have yet to take them to the streets and have only run about my place, breaking them in as much as one can in a 750 square foot area. I can tell you, though, the Travelers work well while playing Rock Band. And this Thursday (fingers crosses), I will actually put them to the traveling test as I try yet again to grace the halls of DIA en route to Nashville.


3 responses to “Better late than never: At home with Red Wings Gentleman Travelers.

  1. Fantastic, great boots! 😉

    • momentumoffailure

      Thank you, sir. They are something special, I will tell you that. Can’t wait to put them to good use on the streets.

  2. An sich n cooler post, aber kannst beim nächsten mal n bisschen detailierter sein?

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