From the mills in Woolrich, Pennsylvania with love.

It was a little over a week ago when in my inbox, an email appeared from Woolrich asking me to compile a sort of “wish list.” They said they would “see what they could do” about getting to me the items with which I populated the list. Seeing as how it was semi-unprecedented (“semi” because I did actually ask them about a deal on a key chain prior), I had to decide where to begin with this extremely generous offer. Seeing as how the Buffalo Key Ring was what sparked my initial interest in getting at Woolrich, I put that on there, and as you can see, my keys became that much more American, even with the Acura car key. However, I thought it quite the disservice to myself if I didn’t also include some of Woolrich’s signature woolen items. Enter a pair of slippers and a huge throw.

“Seeing what they could do” meant sending me the very items on the list, no charge. So, you can imagine the ecstatic state in which I found myself last night upon arriving home from work and finding not one, but two boxes at my doorstep. I ripped open the larger of the two and pulled out some factory fresh items direct from the woolen mills of Woolrich, Pennsylvania. Inside were the slippers, throw, and key ring that I had put on the list. After dressing the ring with keys and after settling down from a long day at the office, I forewent dinner and opted for a night with the lights dim, the TV off, and the Elliott Smith on. I laid under the blanket for hours until the next thing I knew, it was 3:30am and I had been asleep for the better part of 8 hours already. Where I would usually, at that point, drag myself off the couch and into bed, I opted to stay under my new Woolrich blanket and stay put until my alarm went off at 6:30am. What’s another 3 hours sleeping on a couch, right? Oh, and more on the other box tomorrow.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Woolrich for this more than generous offering. Your entire staff deserves a round of applause on not only providing such fine items but for exceeding in the area of customer service. It was truly a pleasure working with you on this.

3 responses to “From the mills in Woolrich, Pennsylvania with love.

  1. Nice stuff, I love that keychain! I also own a classic “Pennsylvania Tuxedo.” 😉

    • momentumoffailure

      I got a few compliments yesterday on the key ring. I never though people noticed, but they do. And by people, I mean girls who are looking for an icebreaker.

  2. >> “And by people, I mean girls who are looking for an icebreaker.”

    Nice work, player. 😉

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