Forgoing lunch for Filson

In what comes as some shocking and quite troubling news to me, it appears the Filson store in Cherry Creek is closing its doors for good soon. While this comes as good news for my bank account, it isn’t so much for me personally as I quite enjoyed my weekly trips there during lunch hours at work. That said, my older brother and I have decided to take one last journey there today before they click the locks for the last time.

Supposedly they are having one hell of a screaming sale on select items, one of which I hope is their Field Duffle. Though I have and like the weekender I currently use on the norm, I see nothing at all wrong with adding another to the collection, especially if the price is right. Going with a Filson is more of an investment anyhow as it will most likely last you a lifetime. And considering I plan on developing some magic potion to become immortal, having gear that can keep up would be preferred. Furthermore, if Apocalypse does eventually happen and I have to fight some race of mutant zombie vampire blood-thirsty cretins, picking up one of Filson’s Super Shooting Shirts would be in order. Or I could just wear it around. How awesome would that be? “Hey Will, what’s with the shirt? Where ya goin?” Shootin…


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