The Tie Bar – A necessity.

It has become abundantly clear to me over the course of the past few months and with my increased tie-wearing that I am in the market in a bad way for a good tie bar. It’s mighty apropos that when I entered “Tie Bar” into a Google search, the 8th result would be that of one of my favorite gentlemanly stockists, The Fine and Dandy Shop. While I was immediately drawn to the Model T tie bar, I have some hesitancy in buying a gold accessory versus that of a more subdued silver. I would like people to notice it, sure, but for it to be the topic of conversation is something on which I’m not too keen.

Stay gold.

There’s no denying the uniqueness though, and I do need one stat. And gold is a color on those, “I’m really f*cking feeling it today, man. Makin moves. That’s what it’s all about,” days. Furthermore, I see nothing wrong with having one for every occasion. The office? Maybe I will rock the simple silver rectangle. First date? Add a little flair perhaps with one I found on the ‘Bay (pictured). Happy hour power hour with the gents downtown? Gold, baby. Gold.

Run to the hills.


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