Tuxedos are timeless but the Khaki suit is more my speed.

I was relieved last year when my buddy got married and instead of tuxes, he wanted his groomsmen to wear black suits. Not only was it a lot less stuffy, it gave me a good reason to finally go get a black suit, something which I had put off for quite some time. I went a tad overboard and splurged on a nice Hugo Boss ensemble, but hey, now I have a quality suit for the rest of my life. Given I keep my current body type for a long while, I can be buried in it. There’s an expense my wife will not have to worry about. What a morbid thought…. And wait, I don’t have a wife. Yet.

Back to the versatility of suits versus tuxedos: Needless to say I was excited when my brother said, for his wedding, we’re donning ourselves in khaki and having a semi-laid back ceremony at the country club. So now not only am I beyond stoked to welcome a new member into the family, but I now get to look around for a quality khaki suit, the likes of which I will have for quite some time as well. My search started at J. Crew and their Italian Ludlow suit. I’m a fan, indeed. Of course, this is the first stop on what could possibly be a long journey. So, as always, if you have some other ideas, I am all ears and open to suggestions. I have until July, so right now, it’s not pressing. But I’d prefer not to wait too long. What is appealing furthermore is the fact that for a measly extra $10, you can get the suit monogrammed. Into that in a big way, I am.


5 responses to “Tuxedos are timeless but the Khaki suit is more my speed.

  1. Dunno if you saw this, but LL Bean signature has a khaki suit in the works. Probably might even save a little coin compared to the J Crew for similar quality. Don’t know about cuts and don’t know if you can wait till March, though. Great blog you have anyways!

    • momentumoffailure

      I will have to check them out. This was the initial find, so I am sure there are a great number of them out there. Thanks for the tip and nice words.

  2. I like that idea! Laid back, summery, fresh… all into it.

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  4. Michael J. Siegel

    Not sure if it’s too late but I just purchased a fantastic khaki suit from J. Press for my wedding. I’m also doing the khaki cotton poplin suit thing. My two brothers (the two groomsmen) will be donning navy blazers with bill’s khaki cotton poplin pants.

    I was lucky enough to get mine at 30% off after the holiday’s but they should be coming out with their new summer line shortly. I think it runs around $550 (I was able to get it for a steal at $275). I know it’s a bit more than the Bean Signature will be or the J. Crew, but if it’s still on sale, it’s a solid and a wonderful option.

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