Tuesdays with a Pretty Girl: 10 Things Females Notice.

Alright, Casanova, you may think you have the opposite sex figured out and have every aspect covered when it comes to impressing her. But in all honesty, you probably don’t. Kate chimes in again on the 10 Things Gals Notice about the Gents. Read on and get informed.

1. Style. What you wear says a lot about you. Don’t be afraid to dress up a little and put on your best pair of  “butt jeans.” You think that guys are the only ones that do the checking out? Wrong. She will sneak a peak so make sure to wear a pair of pants that do your gluteus-maximus justice.

2.  Scent. This one is easy enough to do yet many never get it right. A shower, a concept foreign to some, is essential.  Wear deodorant: you won’t win her over with your “manly musk.” Make use of cologne, but remember bathing in it is prohibited.

3.  Smile. Your smile is very important, and if you plan on showing your teeth to the lady, make sure you take care of them. Brush, floss, rinse, bleach, and straighten!

4.  Hair. There are many different tastes when it comes to hair, but one thing remains constant: a trim has never hurt anyone. When you can’t see your date because your hair refuses to get out of your eyes, consider making an appointment to take care of the issue. I have nothing against guys with long hair (I am actually a bit of a fan), but make sure you look put-together and not disheveled.

5.  Finger Nails. Get rid of the dirt from under your fingernails and trim them, don’t go all metro sexual and get a mani/pedi, (Editor: I like getting these, fyi.) just keep them clean. Finally, don’t bite your nails and spit out the pieces at the dinner table (or anywhere for that matter).

6.  Eyes that wander. Your date can see you checking out the girl that just walked by. Consider the date ruined and your chances, blown. You would have to do some major resuscitation of the evening. Girls like to feel special, so pay attention to what she is saying instead of ogling someone else’s goodies.

7.  Intentions. If you are only looking to score, we can tell. Lame attempts at working your not-so-irresistible, cheesy charm won’t do you any good. And NEVER use the line (and I’m quoting) “ME CAVEMAN – YOU GIRL- MY BED NOW” That won’t just leave you with a drink in your face, you will also be a proud owner of a black eye. (Editor: See last week’s post.) At this point the only thing left to do is club her over the head and drag her to your cave, but I don’t recommend it.

8.  Nerves. No matter how hard you’re trying to hide how nervous you are, girls can tell. There is nothing wrong with being a little shaky. It is more likely to calm the girl down and break the ice than do any harm.

9.  Conversation. If she might forgive your appearance to some degree, the conversation will be your real test. Like I mentioned last Tuesday, be eloquent and keep the chat going. There is nothing worse than awkward silences, except when the dialog turns into a soliloquy. I know it could be the nerves talking but make sure to ask her questions, this will make her feel like you are actually interested.

10. Gentlemanly-ness. Chivalry is not dead. Open the door for her, help her out of the car, treat her like a lady; Being a gentleman goes a long way and will score you some major points.

Stay tuned next week when a whole panel of ladies offers a little insight to a user-submitted question.


15 responses to “Tuesdays with a Pretty Girl: 10 Things Females Notice.

  1. Wow, you just totally repeated the line, you are so completely in love with me it’s unbelievable.

  2. So good style is the consequence of dressing up a bit and showcasing a nice butt. And this is the first thing women notice.

    Why am I trying so hard?

  3. It seems that the most superficial qualities are at the top of the list. I hope this list was not created in order of importance. With that said, kudos. Just be a gentleman.

    • momentumoffailure

      I too put chivalry at the top of my list when taking into consideration how to treat a lady. It’s interesting though to know they notice the other things. Gotta check the fingernails more often.

    • No, no! this list is no way in order of importance. If it was, being a gentleman would be topping my list

  4. components of enthusiasm

    yo, these tuesday posts are killer. keep it up, i love hearing ladies’ thoughts.


  5. momentumoffailure

    Got a Facebook comment saying this: “i must say….i disagree with quite a bit of that. i happen to enjoy a “manly musk” from time to time.”

    Thoughts? Girls? Guys?

  6. Ironically, even though I’m really into fashion, I don’t care as much about what a guy wears- and all of my ex boyfriends didn’t care about fashion. I didn’t bother changing them- I just left them as they are because I loved their faces and who they were more than the clothes that they strip off eventually (as we all do- no diry reference intended). I like the name of this feature and enjoy hearing other girls’ opinions 🙂

  7. That was supposed to read “dirty reference”.

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